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How Much should I weigh ?
Are You OverWeight?

Height - Weight Calculator
input your height and weight and push "calculate"

Weight Calculator. Women & Men (
BMI Calculator)
input your height and weight and push "calculate"

Based on Body Mass index (BMI) a measure of body fat based on
height and weight: Applies to both adult Women and Men.

Daily Calories Calculator
Your Daily Calories Requirement

Calories / Weight Calculator Women & Men
Input your weight -height -age -sex - activity level
maintain or lose weight - Click Calculate

The calorie calculator first determines your basal metabolic rate (BMR) using multiple factors, including height, weight, age and sex. It then multiplies that value by an activity factor that takes into account your daily activities. This produces a value that represents your total daily calorie requirement for maintaining your weight. If you've selected either "Lose Weight" or "Build Muscle" as your goal, the calculator will add or subtract a scientifically determined amount of calories to or from the total.

Activity Calories Calculator
Calories used in activities

Activity Calories / Weight Calculator Women & Men
Input your weight, Actitity and duration - click Calculate

To be successful at any muscle building plan that includes increased muscle growth and strength, you must have a smart nutritional strategy and training program. Help keep your muscle building goals on track and avoid adding excess fat by using the Activity Calculator to approximate the number of calories that activities such as weightlifting and running will use. For a more accurate daily calorie count of what you'll need to build muscle, use this calculator in conjunction with the Calorie Calculator.

Why are You OverWeight?
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Why are You Overweight?
Simply because you are eating the wrong kind of foodstuff, the wrong kinds of calories and in addition your intake of food follows an in-appropriate pattern day after day.

What I am about to tell you now will change your eating mindset.

The FOOD you eat can make you THIN or FAT. It's all about how you eat and what kind of foodstuff you eat.
You don't get overweight because of a lack of working out, that's a delusion. You get overweight because you don't eat the correct meals at the right intervals every day.

Also, the pattern that you eat your meals every day is more potent than any weight loss pills on prescription. That's because the body is similar to a "motor" and the motor only require certain kind of foods at certain intervals every day. If you don't eat the right foods at the correct times subsequently it will not burn those calories ... and you will end up accumulating the calories as bodyfat.

You got overweight by consuming the wrong foods and You can slenderize by consuming the RIGHT FOODS at the RIGHT INTERVALS every day. It is simple as that. To loose weight you should NOT starve yourself or do serious exercise.

Why people cant lose weight
The number one reason which prevents people from weight loss is ENDLESS procrastination. You will start "next week" or maybe "after your holiday" or....

How to Calculate BMI
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Body mass index (BMI) is an easy and convenient method to calculate your body fat and your weight in regards to Your height and a measure that can tell you if you are underweight., normal, overweight or obese and how much your weight vary from normal. BMI is a simple and exact number where 20 - 25 is considered normal, 25-30 overweight and above 30 heavy overweight. Because it is an accurate figure it will let know you how much you diverge from the normal.

BMI is a measure of your body weight divided by the square of your height, consequently BMI is an estimate of your body fat and not a definite calculation of your bodyfat.

As an effect of the simple formula the resulting number ought to be considered a guide of where your body weight is at present. The use of this formula results in a BMI slightly to high for tall people and a little to low for short people, therefore this simple formula doesn't one hundredpercent take into consideration how the body is put together, Consequently give or take 1-2 BMI units if you are tall or short and one unit if you are normal height, and you are able employ the BMI figure in order to see what is your situation and make use of this as a simple and convenient guideline.
If you are 26 - 27 or more you are definitely overweight. If you are lower than 19 you are certainly skin-and-bone.

One further factor is the question, what is standard in regards to bodyfat? Nobody really knows, it can just be guidelines and this guideline shifta with time e.g. BMI for normal has been moved down to 25 and that is now considered the upper line for normal.

BMI calculations:

BMI = Lbs x 703 / inches2 (your inches squared)

BMI = Kg / M2 (Your height in meter squared)

There are handy BMI graphs available that are diagrams with weight and height as axis and with underweight, normal, overweight and obese parts marked in the diagram. You simply go in with your weight and height, and locate the area where they cross over.

There are also convenient BMI calculators accessible on the internet, where you simply input your weight and height and you have Your BMI right away.

BMI calculator online
You can find an easy BMI calculator with a visual gauge that shows your BMI on a scale as well as the exact BMI number. Check out Your BMI with the BMI calculator above (Weight height calculator).

Daily Calories Calculator
You'll also find an online calculator for your BMR, You body's Basal Metabolic Rate, how many calories you will need every day to maintain your current weight without special activities.
Check out this page Daily Calories Calculator.

Calories activity calculator
You will find an online Calories activity calculator on this page that tells you how many calories you burn for special activities.

Calories in food

When we say Calories - usually it's KiloCalories (KCal)

1 gr. Pure Food fat (fx oil) = 9 KCal (We usually say Cal)
1 gr. Body fat = 7,72 KCal (Cal)
1 Kg of body Fat = 7.720 Cals (KCal)
1 Lbs of body fat (0.4536 Kg) = 3.500 Cals (KCal)

Body fat contain connective tissue and blood vessels a little water thus it is not pure fat like in oil. Therefore 1 gr. Body fat = 7,7 KCal while pure oil is 9 cal/g

Joule and Calories
Food energy is the amount of energy obtained from food. Like other forms of energy, food energy is expressed in calories or joules.
Kilojoule is normally used on food packaging, but the Calorie is still the most common unit in many countries.
1 Joule = 4.18 Calories (1 KiloJoule (KJ) = 4.18 KCal )

Gain or lose weight compared to your daily calories you need to maintain weight

to gain 1 pound. Eat 3.500 Cals extra
to lose 1 pound. Save 3.500 Cals

Pure Fat 9 Cals/1 g
Pure protein 4,5 Cals/1 g
Pure sugar (carbohydrate) 4,5 cals/1 g.
Pure Alchohol 7 Cals/1 g

Food Calories Table
Calories per 100 gr. / 3.5 oz

ad 50-100 cal for fried meat
100 gr. 3.5 oz Vegetables
100 gr.3.5 oz
pork, ham boiled
beef boiled, roast
beef, lamb, pork. lean
beef, lamb, pork. some fat
chicken. lean, no skin
egg. boiled per pc. 80 cal
. Bread & carb .
cod, Haddoch, scrimps. Flounder.
steamed, bloiled
Fish, fat. salmon, Mackerel, herring

pasta, spagetti
Milk products
. Fruits
Hard Cheese full fat
cheese 30%
Milk skimmed, 100 ml
Milk normal, 100 ml
cream 12%, 100 ml
cream single, 100 ml
cream 38%,100 ml
dried fruits
nuts, almonds, walnut...
. Fat rich
bon-bon, mix sweets
Butter, Margarine,
Oil. olive, corn
French fries
nuts, almonds, walnut..
100 ml
. 100 ml
water, mineral water
coffe, thea. Plain
Beer. Most Cal in Dark/Sweet/Strong
soda, cola
soda, cola. Light
wine red, white. dry
wine white. Sweet

Fat loss 4 idiots
dietaccess 11 day diet

The Dietaccess 11 day diet from FatLoss4Idiots is one of the hottest diets for losing weight without exercise with hundred of thousands happy clients around the world. The system consists of the "diet handbook" and an "online diet generator" by wich You can compose your meals from the ingredients you like. Once a member Your login page is at
With this diet you can lose 9lbs every eleven days.
Visit FatLoss4idiots website - Click Here To Lose Weight

What is the fatloss4idiots system?
How does it work and does it really functions the way they claim?
The basic idea is so easy that even an idiot can follow it and succeed, therefore the naming "Fat Loss4 Idiots"

The diet program is based on a "calories shifting" system, changing the kind of food you intake during the day and from day to day. The special shifting of protein and carb increase Your body's metabolism and results in an accelerated fatburning and weight loss
without doing any workout, however the plan includes a 30 min walk two times daily (or one time 45 min).

It's not about low carb, low fats, low protein, and low calorie which will guarantee you will not succeed and you probably already tried such plans and failed.

Your metabolism adjusts to the amount and kind of food You consume. If You starve yourself your body "think" there is a lack of food and Your metabolism adapts to the lower consumption of energy, fat and protein and adjusts to a lower fatburning rate - Your body tries to "save" energy by lowering the metabolism.
This is the reason why 95% of weight loss diets are ineffective: they dont increase Your metabolism but actually decrease Your metabolism as a result of little consumption of food and calories. If your metabolism is lowered your fat burning will decrease too - and when you stop the plan and start to eat normal you will GAIN weight.

Two ways to lose Weight
Firstly decide how many Lbs do you want to lose. The diet program has 2 different diet plans you may follow.
Each plan manipulates the way You intake carbohydrates and protein, however in two different ways but based on the same "shifting calories" theory.

1) If you want a quick weight loss use the "diet Generator"

2) If you want a slower weight loss, choose the 2nd. plan which is a combination of 10 weightloss rules and "calories shifting" technique where you shift between carb and protein foodstuffs. It's described in the e-book which is a downloadable .pfd book.

Weight loss Rule number #1

Calories Manipulating
In order to succeed with your weight loss you need to control how much and which types of calories you intake with each meal. Calories are your fuel for your body however you dont want that fuel or energy to settle as body fat, right?
So you need to manipulate how your body gets its fuel and you do that by eating certain types of foodstuff with each meal BUT it's NOT the same types with each meal.
You will be shifting the food type from meal to meal, which ultimately induces a fatburning effect on your body.

The 3 types of calories you intake are: protein, carbohydrates and fat......................
........... more in the Diet handbook -
Click Here To Lose Weight

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